South America Mission


With ministries as unique as the individuals themselves, these people combine hard work with a passion for reaching South Americans with the good news of Jesus.

For information on specific individuals or families, click on the name below.

Alligood, Olivia - Peru

Andrews, Alyssa - Bolivia

Armstrong, John and Gioconda - Peru

Bergson, Don and Vera - Brazil

Boogaard, David and Stephanie - Peru

Bremer, John and Laurie - Bolivia

Brinkerhoff, Nathan and Julia - Peru

Broucek, Dave and Gwen - U.S. Home Office

Brown, Mike and Marcy - Peru

Cervantes, Jessica - Peru

Chiang, Alex - Peru

Chiang, Julio and Olga - Peru

Cooper, Calvin and Katie - Bolivia

Cubas, Cesar and Grace - Peru

Dahl, Greg - Bolivia

DeLille, Craig and Mary - Brazil

Dickman, Emilee - Bolivia

Dobosy, Shelly - Peru

Drochner, Matthias and Rosemary - Peru

Edgar, Todd and Stephanie - Peru

Eifert, Jim and Renee - Peru

Enciso, Jorge and Ginny - Colombia

Erickson, Lance and Caroline - Bolivia - SAMAIR

Foss, Tyler and Brenda - Peru

Freeman, Art and Genda - Bolivia

Gahagen, Craig and Heather - Peru

Gore, Rael - Bolivia

Greiman, Dave and Kay - Brazil

Hansen, Kirsten - Home Office

Harlan, Melissa - Bolivia

HAuse, Jeff and Beth - Bolivia

Haylett, Chris and Cristi - Colombia

Hendrickson, Antoinette - Peru

Hernandez, Karina - Peru

Himes, Chris and Carrie - Brazil

Hinson, Sarah - Bolivia

Hough, Tom and Rita - Peru

Howard, Jon and Amanda - Colombia

Kamiya, Hana - Bolivia

Kidd, Casey - Peru

Kienzle, Paul and Laura - Bolivia

Kitron, Marshall and Becca - Peru

Knight, Anna - Peru

Krestan, Kenny and Diane - U.S. Home Office

Krueger, Julia - Brazil

Kruzan, Birgitta - U.S. Home Office

Lee, Ally - U.S. Home Office

Lucas, John and Minori - Peru

Mahon, Mike and Nancy - Peru

Martin, Rick and Donna - Peru

Masemore, Maria - Colombia

Massey, Ken and Angela - U.S. Home Office

McLean, Jennifer - Peru

McMahon, Mike - Peru

McNorrill, Victoria - US Home Office

Mercado, Placido and Toni - Bolivia

Merwin, Hillary - Colombia

Ogden, Bill and Lennie - U.S. Home Office

Ogden, Kirk and Emily - U.S. Home Office

Orcutt, Jeff and Kathy - U.S. Home Office

Ortiz, Dalmiro and Laura - Bolivia

Post, Sue - U.S. Home Office

Potter, Danielle - Bolivia

Powell, Dave and Rachael - Peru

Pyles, Bethany - Bolivia

Quiggle, Joseph - Bolivia

Richter, Kate - Bolivia

Roddy, Jeffry and Silvia - Colombia

Santiago, Karla - Bolivia

Schmidt, Jon and Karen - Peru/US

Schuerman, Michael and Elise - Bolivia

Secrest, Larry and Bonnie - Peru

Seng, Wes and Trudy - Brazil

Simmons, Dave and Marilyn - Peru

Smith, Bill and Bev - Bolivia

Snyder, Dan and Julie - Brazil

Speyers, David and Lisa - Peru

Strebig, Dan and Jenny - Bolivia

Strebig, Kristin - Bolivia

Swanson, Shari - Bolivia

Ticona, Nicolas and Stacie - Peru

Tse, Sam and Magarita - Bolivia

Van Devender, Eve - Colombia

Vanderzwaag, Steve and Laurie - Bolivia

Voss, Mark and Monica - Colombia

Waller, Henry - Brazil

Wayner, Kaylee - Bolivia

Weigner, Jason and Jenna - Bolivia

Weissenberger, Chris and Melissa - Bolivia

Wigginton, Elizabeth - Bolivia

Wilcke, Katie Beth - Bolivia

Wilson, Dana - Bolivia

Zajicek, Frank and Luz - Colombia


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  • The South America Mission dates its origin from the departure of Dr. Joseph A. Davis and his family for South America in 1914.
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